More than 3.5 million people in the U.S. miss healthcare appointments every year due to unreliable transportation.
father pushing son on wheelchair with van in background

Caring Hands was founded by Christian Ejekpokpo, who has more than 15 years of experience in the health services industry. Mr. Ejekpokpo conceived this idea when his own mother, a 93-year old Nigerian immigrant and mother of 11, was at the mercy of unreliable and untimely transportation to her medical appointments. He then learned that many people are in the same position as his own mother ─ they need reliable transportation to and from their non-emergency medical appointments. Once Mr. Ejekpokpo had this realization, he began to work on developing his own non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) business to help solve this problem, fill the gap in medical services, and help people just like his mother.

Caring Hands prides itself in providing dependable, accessible, and high quality transportation services to the community. We specialize in NEMT for Medicaid and/or private recipients, the elderly, the disabled, and those of lower incomes. We operate with vans capable of transporting a wide range of clients, including those who utilize wheelchairs.

Our Mission & Vision

We aim to effectively serve all residents in the five boroughs in New York City including Westchester county by providing them with safe and reliable transportation to medical-related destinations such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and adult day care services, etc.

We shall assist all members of our community by providing them with transportation to increase their independence, expand the scope of their mobility, and expand the range of services they can access.

  • We will provide long-term transportation services, which facilitate all community residents including people with disabilities to continue to keep up with their health-related needs and expand their access to further services.
  • We will support local healthcare organizations by providing timely and cost-efficient transportation services so patients can maintain compliance with their caregiver’s orders.
  • Examples of the people being assisted include senior citizens, expectant mothers, injured sports persons, and those with mental or physical disabilities.

Our Approach

  • Honest, courteous and qualified drivers, who undergo extensive background checks and have impeccable driving record.
  • Prompt, reliable, flexible, spacious and customized vans to accommodate individuals with disabilities and their equipment, as well as qualified and trained drivers with enthusiasm and ability to build rapport with the clientele during transport time.
  • Use of regular customer feedback for service improvement.
  • Building strong relationships with both healthcare providers and clientele using our services.
  • Using subscription services giving options to clients, providers, or insurance companies to pay monthly prices for the services provided.
  • Utilizing Better Business Bureau among all the boroughs and Westchester County.

Talk to Us!

Should you have any further questions about our services, please do not hesitate to ask us. You can contact us through our online form or by calling us at 929-610-4558.